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There is a large collection of the Hidden Christians' items in the Miki Sawada Memorial Museum. Miki Sawada, founder of the Elizabeth Saunders Home, collected them all around Japan, especially the Nagasaki area. The collection tells us about the history of both the hopes and sufferings of Japanese Christians. Join a free tour of exploring the Miki Sawada Memorial Museum with English-speaking guides.

Who we are

We are the Sazareishi Student Guides (SSG).
All the guides are the students (between 9-22)
who have grown up in Oiso.

Contributors to SSG

Mr Morisugi

First of all, we would like to express our respects to the entirety of the SSG’s worthwhile and meaningful activities.

The Oiso International Association (OIA) runs a program of student exchange visits between Oiso City and sister cities in the USA. The SSG has recruited a number of exchange students in its history, and these exchange-experienced students have made a great contribution towards helping exchange students from the USA.

We think it is essential to have the opportunity to interact with people who speak other languages, in order to gain skills in those languages. For thinking outside the box and discovering something new, a proactive attitude is absolutely necessary.

The SSG offers a wide variety of real-life experiences for students of Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools. To that end, the OIA supports the SSG and wishes them great success with their activities.

Chairman of Oiso International Association,Morisugi Norio

Yosuke Asai

A guided tour with the Sazareishi Student Guides (SSG) is a truly activity for visitors, for the following reasons:
1. You will be able to inherit the important moments in history through Miki Sawada’s collection. The mission of the members of the SSG is to curate the history of the Hidden Christians in Japan through the Miki Sawada Memorial Museum. We are here to explain the history of the Hidden Christians, and demonstrate its importance to the relationship between Japan and Christianity.
2. You can communicate with the young people of Oiso. For travelers, there are not many chances to talk with local youths.
3. It could be a valuable experience for you to learn the history of the Hidden Christians from today’s youth. We hope this will be one of the fondest memories for you to take away. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the information below, if you are interested in any of the things we have mentioned. Thank you.

Chairman of the SSG,Yosuke Asai